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Be Careful!!! We are doing work to the exterior of the food pantry section of the building. Please stay away from that area and watch for falling debris. Our wall and ceiling were leaking and needed fixing with replaced studs, new roof and new siding.  Keweenaw Home Repairs and Maintenance is doing the work.

Food Pantry open Wednesday and Saturday, 11:00-2:00.  Emergency assistance available through the email address below.  Our Food Pantry is an equal opportunity provider.

Where do you go for up-to-date information about store hours or emergency closures? Join our Facebook Group. You will receive notifications of closures or other announcements. We have about 300 members.

Our local Community Action Agency in Houghton has a Monthly Diaper Program. If you currently receive SNAP benefits or are a low-income family, you’re eligible. Please call (906) 482-5528.

Did you know? The Presbytery of the Mackinac (PCUSA) has been a major supporter since 2011 and at one time covered the entire overhead for Angel Mission Free Store.  Local churches such as Portage Lake United Church, Houghton, and Bethany Lutheran, Mohawk, have stepped up to support us too. Thank you to all the faith based organizations that assist us in the community.

Home: Our Mission

     No one organization with deep pockets funds all of Copper Country Angel Mission's programs. No one organization pays the mortgage and utilities. But rather, with help from several businesses, organizations, individuals, and in-store donations, we pay the overhead and program costs.

     Sometimes, we receive generous donations of items that are not necessities for people's wellbeing. The donors expect that we can turn these generous gifts into cash by reselling them. A silver tea service does not make a better cup of tea than a functional tea pot and kettle, but someone of means may wish to purchase it!

     And so, Portage Lake United Church will have a table for us at their rummage sale, where all proceeds will go to Angel Mission. The Rummage Sale is Saturday, June 10, 10:00-2:00 at the church, 1400 E Houghton Ave, Houghton.

     It takes money to offer quality programs, but we accomplish it with your help. Come and shop with us, then drop a small donation in the donation box by the door. Come and shop at the Portage Lake United Church Rummage Sale and visit our table. Or, help us out online, below. Thank you!


Copper Country Angel Mission knows that our strength lies not only in words, but more importantly through our actions. More than 20 years ago, Rebecca Koivu, lay-pastor of the Community Church in Calumet, and a small group of individuals, brimming with faith and compassion, realized that together they could effectively help to overcome local effects of poverty. They launched New Beginnings Angel Mission, which later became a mission of Portage Lake United Church, Inc. in Houghton with strong and generous support from the Presbytery of Mackinac. Since then, we have grown, broadened our support, changed our name, and become an independent 501-c-3 corporation but our mission is the same:  Copper Country Angel Mission promotes community welfare by serving those in need with compassion and dignity.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does" -- William James


Our free store: CCAM welcomes donations of clothing and household goods that are in good condition for reuse. We do not accept large electronics. We invite shoppers of all income levels to select free goods and leave a monetary donation if they are able. This converts material donations into funding for our programs. We must pay for space, electricity, heat, and water, even before we can help others. We depend the generosity of donors and sponsors, each contributing what they can to keep us open.

Our food pantry: CCAM helps to feed people in our area through a food pantry. We purchase foods to stock the pantry and receive some gifts of food from local restaurants, individuals, and businesses. This institution is an equal opportunity

Our clients: CCAM offers programs to assist with rent, utility shut-off, transportation to medical appointments, and other needs. We offer annual programs for children, such as school supplies in the Backpack Program and children’s shopping days before holidays. We make certain that every child has Christmas gifts through our Angel Tree Program and that everyone has appropriate clothing for our U.P. winters through our Winter Wear Giveaway.

Our volunteers: CCAM welcomes volunteers willing work hard for the joy of serving their community. Even our program managers are dedicated volunteers. Some of our volunteers were once clients, but now pay-it-forward by becoming volunteers. Join us!

Home: Donations
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Or, bring your donation to Superior National Bank and ask it to be added to Copper Country Angel Mission Donation Account

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Find hours of operation and the most recent announcements

Open Wednesday through Saturday, 11:00 -2:00
Food Pantry open Wednesday and Saturday

Home: Our Team

Our dedicated team use their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization forward. We are striving to not only combat the spiraling effects of poverty, but to assist our clients out of the poverty.  Meet some of our incredible leaders below.


Jill grew up in Calumet and after retiring from Michigan Tech joined the Angel Mission board. Jill has been deeply involved in local and tribal organizations and has extensive board experience. We are pleased to have Jill's expertise helping to lead the Angel Mission.


Paul Tuoriniemi is a life long resident of the Calumet area. Paul retired from the forest services industry a few years ago. He and his wife Renee are active supporters of the Angel Mission.


Sherry moved to the U.P. in 1978, but her employment in environmental education and management took her around the country. In 1994, Sherry and her husband built a home as a family project with their two children on the shore of Lake Superior. In 2010 and they both moved back to the U.P. Sherry has always been involved in volunteer and community work and has just continued that habit with CCAM.


Jim Northey is a member of Portage Lake United Church, and has actively supported the annual coat giveaway held by Angel Mission and PLUC. Additionally, Jim serves on the board of directors of the CopperDog150 and the board of Superior National Bank. He works in the financial services industry and renewable energy industry. In his free time, Jim enjoys spending time with his family and working on his homestead.


Koni was born and raised, along with two sisters, locally by her mom. She and her husband, whom is a combat veteran, have one young child and enjoy all the outdoor adventures the UP has to offer. Koni is employed by Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL) as the Grants and Programs Manager. She looks forward to providing CCAM with current knowledge and understanding of non-profit organizations, as well as grant management. Additionally, she attended an initial Bridges out of Poverty event held by the Portage Health Foundation and hopes to incorporate some of those principles into CCAM.


  • Implement existing programs and work collaboratively with Program Leaders.

  • Assign and oversee volunteers in the completion of their tasks.

  • Accountable to the Board of Directors.

  • Demonstrate basic business understanding.

  • Want to make a difference in your community.


Bobbie has a strong background in both volunteerism and keeping financial books for small not-for-profit organizations. She is a native of the Copper Country and was employed in Financial Services at Michigan Technological University, before retiring in 2019. Now that she is retired, she is sharing her time and talents with CCAM.

Home: Contact Us

433 5th St.
Calumet, MI 49913

For updated information on emergency store closures, needs and requests, etc. visit our group on Facebook

(906) 934-2226

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